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Tips from the Pro

Simple Strategies the Will Help You Win Matches
Over the next few months I will share with you something I call, simple strategies that will help you win matches.  These strategies are as follows:
  1. Run the "turtle." Don’t run the "rabbit."
  2. Never let the opponent see the same ball twice.
  3. "Moon" till they give in.
  4. Hit every shot to the opponent’s weaker wing.
  5. Get every first serve in.
  6. Take a big step forward when returning every second serve.
  7. Hit every return cross court and do not try to win the point off of the return.
  8. Control the "flow" of the game.
  9. Control your emotions.
  10. When all else fails, try to move your opponent in and out.
Strategy # 1 - Run the "turtle." Don’t run the "rabbit."
In summary, the name says it all: run slower players side to side and front & back and hit more balls in the middle of the court or behind the direction of the fast moving players. 
Hit balls that make the player who is not fit in a manner that forces him/her to run side to side. You may lose the first set, but chances are you will win the match. The "rabbit" is the player who is fit and seems to get to every ball. He or she is used to hitting on the run. You will be amazed at how often he/she will become impatient and hit an errant shot when you hit at him/her. Try to keep the ball deep and in the center of the court. Additionally, if you do make a “rabbit” run to one side of the court, they will be very fast to recover and run towards the other side of the court anticipating your next shot.  If you have control, hit the second ball “behind” the rabbit so, he/she will have to change direction again and retrieve to the same side as the previous shot.  If you are going to move these "rabbits" you should also make them come to the net…this is usually not where they want to be.
Tennis is a game where the "better" player doesn’t necessarily “always win”.  The strategies used and the ability to control your emotions are key ingredients to a successful match.  Always remind yourself to hit the shot you have and not necessarily the shot you want!  
See you at the courts!!