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One Year Preview Golf Memberships

PREVIEW Gateway Golf & Country Club

What do you do if you are new to the area and want to join a Club where you don’t yet know anyone? Many are hesitant to pay an upfront initiation fee without being sure that the Club is a good fit for them. Introducing our Preview Golf membership. Available as Family Golf, Single Golf or Executive Golf, Preview Members will have the opportunity to experience first-hand everything we have to offer at Gateway Golf & Country Club by being able to "Preview" the Club for an entire 12 months without being required to pay an upfront initiation fee. During this trial period, your responsibility will be the dues, capital fees and charges applicable to the category of membership selected, as well as the full food & beverage requirement.

At the end of 12 months, Preview Members may choose to leave the Club without obligation. However, it is our belief that during your trial you will experience the ease of getting tee times at a club with fewer than 300 members, be included in golf games & social groups and enjoy the friendly nature of the Gateway Members… therefore making your decision to become permanent Equity Members an easy one.

PREFERRED Initiation Fee pricing for Equity Membership Upgrades

While enjoying the Club during the preview period, you will be given an opportunity to bypass the full 12 months of the Preview Program and take advantage of a greatly reduced Initiation Fee if you decide to purchase an Equity membership within 60 days of beginning the Preview Membership. At the end of the 12 months, you also have an opportunity to continue by becoming Equity Members and paying the Full Initiation Fee.

  • All Initiation Fees are non-refundable and non-transferrable
  • Equity rights will be afforded only upon full payment of stated initiation fees as listed above
  • Executive Golf Members, upon reaching the age of fifty (50), shall owe no additional initiation fee payment and will only be responsible for the increase in Club dues to move to Family Golf or Single Golf

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For more information, contact MJ Chappy, Director of Membership & Marketing 
(239) 561-1012 or Membership@GatewayGCC.com