Tennis Fitness

Cardio Tennis

Available for players of all skill levels, cardio tennis is a fun group activity that features drills to give players an ultimate, high-energy workout. This hour-long session guarantees improvement in endurance for players of all ages.

Tennis Agility, Strength and Conditioning Program

The Club at Gateway Tennis program offers an advanced training program for junior tournament and high school players seeking to improve their strength, speed, agility, and dynamic balance. This program combines muscular retraining techniques and sport-specific enhancement tasks to improve player skill and aerobic fitness, while decreasing the risk of injury to the lower extremity. It is the first program that uses components of a proven knee injury prevention program, along with strength, conditioning, and agility exercises designed specifically for competitive tennis players. The training components include a dynamic warm-up; jump training and plyometric drills; whole body strength training; tennis-specific agility, skill, and endurance training; and flexibility exercises.

The program runs for 6 weeks, with training conducted on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for 1.5 hours after school. It is typically conducted in the fall, winter, and spring based on school and tournament scheduling. The maximum student-trainer ratio is 4:1.

Please stop by or call the Tennis Shop at (239) 561-1422 for information.